iDeals Data Room Software

The virtual data room market is crowded with different offerings from a mass of vendors, but some vendors have been able to develop their brand to maximum recognition and stay on the list of leaders for many years. One such vendor is iDeals; it provides flexible service and is the No. 1 choice among thousands of companies around the world. But what makes it so special? In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the iDeals Data Room and look at its key benefits.

iDeals Data Room – General Features

The iDeals Data Room is one of the pioneers that introduced the virtual data room phenomenon to this world. The company started its operations in 2008 and since then it has managed to win the favor of many business owners in a variety of industries. Today, iDeals is known as one of the most confidential, quality, and convenient providers at a bargain price. The space tends to provide its services for large companies, maybe for medium-sized ones, because it has extensive capabilities to manage large-scale projects that small businesses do not need.  iDeals can be useful in areas such as banking, fundraising, real estate, medical facilities, etc.

As for the processes that the provider can handle, you can be sure that it can handle any multi-level and time-consuming transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions. The main goal the provider company follows is to provide its clients with truly confidential, convenient, and efficient tools for a successful transaction. To do this, iDeals uses limitless secure storage in which you can store and share sensitive data. However, this is by no means its complete set of features, VDR offers many other useful tools.

The main features of iDeals and their benefits

iDeals offers extensive features in document management and protection, as well as collaboration and communication tools. The Data Room is guaranteed to facilitate many business processes with its functionality, and below we’ll look at its core set of tools:

  • Security

iDeals has a high level of security proven internationally. In its security features, the vendor includes features like automatic virus scanning, every time you upload some new data to the space, it is immediately scanned, remote document destruction, you can even destroy a document from the third-party device it was uploaded to remotely, and detailed role-based document viewing permissions. By setting up roles for each user they can only act according to the capabilities given to them, so you can limit their ability to copy print, download, and edit documents. The provider also provides you with dynamic watermarks and a fence view feature which are additional protections against data leakage.

  • Easy data management

Upload and organize documents quickly and easily with drag-and-drop document management and automatic indexing. You’ll also save time with the program’s support for virtually all document formats. You and your employees or guest users can find the documents they need during the due diligence process in seconds.

  • Easy to use

The interface of the program is customizable, and you can customize it to match your company logo. Despite a large number of functions, they do not clutter up the entire view of the space. VDR does not require the installation of additional plugins, and you can use a single login. The interface works in many languages around the world, but if you still don’t understand something, iDeals support is there to serve you at the highest level. It’s available 24/7 and will connect with you quickly via phone, email, and live chat.